Frequently Asked Questions: Enrollment

Who gets first choice?
Any children living in the Frank Neighborhood boundaries and children of staff will get the first choice of spaces; no one living in Frank Neighborhood will be turned away.

What if I do not want to send my child to Frank or Wilson Elementary?
If the new calendar, uniforms, or instructional program is not something that you want your family to participate in next year, you may apply to any other KUSD school.  If they have open spaces they will accept your transfer.  You will have to provide your own transportation, KUSD will not be offering busing.

Once my child is enrolled will they keep the space?
Once a child is enrolled they will keep their space unless they move out of KUSD boundaries. Parents can choose at any time to go to their home school or can fill out the parent initiated transfer forms in January to attend another school.

Which schools will be participating?
Right now Frank and Wilson Elementary are the only two schools that are adopting the calendar and Expeditionary Learning. Wilson already has a uniform.  Other schools are very interested in our concept but have not decided to adopt it yet.