Frequently Asked Questions: School Uniforms

Why should we have a uniform?
School uniforms set the stage for equality (no one is judged by their clothes), are cost-effective (less clothes need to be bought, great prices, and donations are easy for us to get), and the student image is better (we look professional, set a positive tone for the environment, and people see students in uniform as smarter). In the parent survey, 89% of the parents approved a uniform.

What is the uniform?
We are proposing to use the school colors of red, white, and navy.  All shirts must have a collar or turtle neck, no screen printing or decorations, and be red, white, or navy.  Students may wear blue or beige pants, skirts, dresses, capris, or shorts below their finger tips.  No flip flops!

Where can we buy them?
There has been some research on the uniform. Online Walmart and Target offer great deals (on 2/19/11 a three pack of collared read shirts were $18 and could be ordered in more than one size, a navy skirt was selling for $8). One parent told me that Family Dollar sells white and navy uniforms.

Sears, Old Navy, Kmart, Goodwill, Shopko, Walmart, Target all sell uniforms in the summer before school starts.  The private schools are offering some hand me downs and we are also working with St. Vincent de Paul to get some start up uniforms.  At the end of the school year we will offer a swap. Trade in your good condition uniforms and take someone else’s good condition uniforms.

What if a child is out of uniform?
There is a committee that is working out how to handle issue with the uniforms.  Parents are invited to join this committee by letting Mrs. Connolly, Ms. Ann, or Ms. Stephanie know.